Working From Home

How to Successfully work from home

When it comes to working from home, there are a few typical personality types:

The procrastinator – “I’ll get to my work first thing this morning! Right after I rearrange my pantry and wipe down all my windowsills… and that other thing I need to do…”

The stickler – “Everything has its place on the desk, and I will be in my chair by 8.45am for a 9am start, and I won’t move from this spot.”

The easily distracted – “Alright, I’m going to send this email and… HEY KITTY! Want some pets?”

The bludger – “Yes sir, I’ll send that now.” *Answers call from boat*

If you’re any of these, here are some helpful and balanced tips for successfully working from home (except if you’re the bludger… you may need to find a new job).

Set up your workspace area

Not having any particular place you’re setting up and logging on can leave you a bit aimless when it comes to getting started in the morning. Choose a dedicated area in your house to set up everything you need for your work, allowing you to get up and take a break from that area when you need.

Stick to a routine

If you’re used to getting up and performing a morning routine every day, it’s a good idea to stick to it. Set your alarm at the same time you would normally and do all the things you would ordinarily do in the leadup to work. A lack of routine might mean you sleep in, neglect your health, and have trouble starting your day.

Remove distractions where you can

If you know you’re easily distracted or a procrastinator, remove any known triggers that might have you wandering from your work. Moving away from an area with a TV, keeping your pets separate to your workspace, or making sure your work area is clean and uncluttered will allow you the mental space to focus on your work.

Take regular breaks

When you’re not in a typical work environment where you’re prompted to take breaks or stop for an informal chat every now and then, make sure you set reminders for yourself. Taking time out from work and from a screen can help you restore some balance and reset yourself for when you return.



Get dressed like you’re going to work

We’re all tempted to work in our slippers and pyjamas, and maybe skip the morning shower from time to time. But, getting up, showered, and dressed like you’re heading to work can help get you in the right mindset for a productive workday.

Steer clear of social media

Social media is the vortex of work distractions. The social aspect and endless waterfalls of content make it mighty tempting to surf for hours on end. Close and sign out of any social media tabs before starting your work, and only browse them when you’re taking a break.

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