Alleviate Anxiety Naturally: The Power of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a remarkable technique to effectively reduce stress and anxiety. By harnessing the natural properties of essential oils, it offers a holistic approach to promote relaxation and emotional well-being. Choosing the right essential oils is crucial, as each oil possesses unique therapeutic qualities. Lavender and chamomile are renowned for their calming effects, while bergamot and ylang ylang uplift the mood. Methods of application include inhalation, topical application, and diffusion. Incorporating aromatherapy into a daily routine can be achieved by creating a relaxing environment with the use of diffusers or adding a few drops of essential oils to a warm bath. Ultimately, embracing the power of aromatherapy can provide a natural and effective means to alleviate stress and anxiety, enabling individuals to attain a greater sense of tranquillity and balance in their lives.

In conclusion, aromatherapy offers a natural and effective solution for reducing stress and anxiety. By harnessing the power of essential oils, individuals can experience a sense of calm and relaxation, promoting overall well-being. Incorporating aromatherapy into daily routines can provide numerous benefits for both the mind and body. So, why not explore the world of aromatherapy and unlock its potential to alleviate anxiety naturally? Start your journey towards serenity and tranquillity today.

A little bit about me

Hi, my name is Dawn Heys and I am a fully qualified Holistic Therapist Specialising in Reflexology, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, and also Aromatherapy. I started my Holistic journey in 1996 when I attended a full time Complimentary Therapies Course. I have a passion for all things that are natural and preservative free. Being a Fully Qualified Aromatherapies I can blend oils to suit my clients needs.

I am based at home in my Therapy Cabin. The treatment room is fully equipped to meet my client’s needs and provides a cosy, relaxed and confidential environment for treatments. It is the perfect location for a soothing treatment set in a landscaped Garden.

In addition to my training, I complete continuing professional development each year. I am a full member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and am fully insured I am also a member of the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register.
If you have private healthcare or a cash plan you may be able to claim some money back towards the cost of treatments.

If you have a private healthcare policy or cash plan please contact them directly for full details.

My approach
my aim is to maintain professional excellence in all the treatments I provide, to be caring, compassionate and reassure my clients they are in good hands I will be adhering to a strict cleaning regime as always.

I look forward to meeting you,

reiki healing

How We Use Reiki

If you have never heard of Reiki I will tell you a little bit about the energy that is transmitted through the Reiki practitioner.

Whilst the client receives Reiki, the client normally lies on a couch fully clothed or sits on a chair whichever is comfiest. There can be a feeling of warmth tingling or a running sensation while receiving Reiki. All these things are normal no 2 treatments are the same.
Reiki is being utilised more in hospital settings than ever before, there is now clinical evidence of the results that individuals feel after receiving Reiki. Reiki works in harmony with other medical treatments lessoning the side effects of cancer drugs, helping broken bones heal faster lessoning pain in ear infections there are just too many situations that can be helped with Reiki to discuss here, the possibilities are endless.
I speak from personal experience working with Reiki energy for the past 28 years. If you would like to experience Reiki for yourself I have a deal on at the moment the cost for Reiki is £20.00 normally £29.00 just follow the link to book in. I am based in Worsley Manchester. Reiki can also be sent through time and space distantly so if you cannot make it to my clinic you can book for a distant healing session instead.

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